As a Jeep owner, you know the thrill of adventure. But you also know the open road can be a scary place for your rig. That's why we've put together this list of 4 awesome Jeep off-road accessories to trick out your ride. These items will help keep you and your passengers safe as you navigate through rough terrain, deep mud, and heavy summer rains. So, sit back and enjoy the ride!

Lift Kit

A lift kit is a great way to increase the ground clearance of your vehicle, which allows you to traverse obstacles like rocks, logs, and other objects without getting your tires stuck. You’ll also be able to drive over mud and deep snow with ease. Lift kits are available for all four-wheel-drive vehicles in many different sizes; and some lifts can even be installed on two-wheel-drive vehicles as well.

Auxiliary Lights

Auxiliary lights are a great way to add some extra visibility and safety to your Jeep, especially if you're off-roading regularly. There are many options for auxiliary lights, so make sure to consider the following factors when choosing the best light system for you:

  • Light Bars: A light bar is usually mounted on top of the vehicle and can be either rectangular or round in shape. Light bars are commonly used as work lights or daytime running lights (DRL).
  • Fog Lamps: Fog lamps are designed specifically for driving in foggy conditions by providing additional lighting that cuts through the fog and increases visibility.
  • Auxiliary Headlights: These provide extra illumination during nighttime driving conditions or when it's raining, so other drivers will be able to see you better on the road ahead.
  • Tailgate LED Strip: This type of accessory is mounted underneath the tailgate area on your vehicle and provides supplemental lighting while traveling down dark roads at night. Plus––let's be real––it makes your Jeep look amazing.

Oil Pan Armor

Protecting your oil pan is a must, especially if you’ll be driving over rough terrain. Oil pans are a weak point on Jeeps—especially when equipped with a lift kit. If you hit something hard enough, it can cause permanent damage to the pan, resulting in unwanted leaks. A good way to avoid this is by using an oil pan armor. These heavy-duty pieces of metal can be installed in under an hour, making them easy for any Jeep owner to install. They come in different shapes and sizes depending on your Jeep make and model, so there's no need to worry about having the wrong fitment.


A winch is used to pull objects that are stuck, which can be incredibly helpful when off-roading. The most common type of electrical winches have an electric motor that spins a steel cable, which then pulls whatever is connected to it. Winches can be used to lift heavy objects, such as cars and boats, but can also be handheld like a hand drill or power drill.

There are two different types of winches available today: mechanical and electric. Mechanical winches use gears to wind up your rope, while electric winches use an internal motor for this task. In general, handheld mechanical winches offer less control since there is no “resistance” built into them but are less expensive than electrical winches.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about some of the best Jeep accessories available. Whether you are a hardcore off-roader or are thinking about adding it to your list of hobbies, there are plenty of options for you. Looking for a little more guidance on a customized Jeep with accessories? Reach out to the expert team at Betten Baker.
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