As electric vehicles become more popular, Jeep is preparing for its own electric future. While the company has not yet released any official details, it's clear that they are taking the threat of EVs seriously. Here's what we know so far about Jeep's plans for electric vehicles in Michigan.

1. What to Expect from the Electric Jeep

Having already established itself as a pioneer in the off-roading world, Jeep is no stranger to charting new territory. So, it should come as no surprise that the company is preparing for an electric future. In addition to the recent news that Jeep is partnering with Electrify America to build a network of electric car charging stations, the company has also registered several new trademarks for electric vehicle-related names.

2. Jeep's Electric Future Will Likely Include an SUV

While we don't yet know for sure what form Jeep's electric vehicles will take, it's a safe bet that at least one of them will be an SUV. After all, SUVs are some of the most popular vehicles on the market today, and they're also well-suited to Jeep's off-roading capabilities.

3. Jeep's Electric Vehicles Will Be Built on a New Platform

In order to accommodate the battery packs and electric motors that power electric vehicles, Jeep will likely have to build its EVs on a new platform. This could mean that we see a completely new Jeep model in the near future, or it could mean that existing models are simply adapted for electric power.

4. How Does the Electric Future Stack Up Against the Competition?

As more and more companies enter the electric vehicle market, Jeep will have to work hard to differentiate its EVs from the competition. Fortunately, the company has a few advantages, including its well-established brand and loyal customer base. Additionally, Jeep's off-roading capabilities could give its EVs a unique selling point.

5. Benefits of Electric Jeeps

Electric vehicles have a number of advantages over traditional gasoline-powered cars. They're more efficient, they emit fewer pollutants, and they're quieter. Additionally, electric Jeeps would likely have better off-roading capabilities than their gasoline-powered counterparts due to the instant torque that electric motors provide.

The electric future of Jeep is looking bright. The service and parts department at U.S. franchised dealerships averaged a little over 12 percent of new vehicle dealership sales according to CBT News, which will continue to grow as Jeep starts producing EV vehicles. The company has already taken steps to prepare for the transition to EVs, and its existing strengths give it a good chance of succeeding in the highly competitive electric vehicle market. To learn more about Jeep's plans for electric vehicles, be sure to stay tuned for updates from the company.
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