Winter is a great time to explore the great outdoors. When you're out in the snow, there are a few essentials that will help keep you safe and prepared for anything Mother Nature throws at you. Here are some must-haves for Jeep snow wheeling in Michigan:

Snow Tires

Snow tires are a must have during the winter months. The best approach is to ensure you have a set of snow tires that are made for your vehicle and stick with these throughout the year. You may get away with using street tires in the summer or mild weather, but they can wear out quickly when used on an off-road trail.

Snow tires are different than regular all-terrain or mud terrain tires because they are made from softer rubber compounds and have extra treads to provide better traction in snow, ice, and mud conditions. They also have more grooves for water evacuation to prevent hydroplaning on slushy roads.

Winch & Recovery Gear

Winching is one of the most important pieces of recovery gear. A winch can be used to pull out a stuck vehicle and better control icy conditions. Your basic recovery gear package should include a set of d-rings, snatch block, tree saver, tow strap, and some kinetic rope.

A winch has many uses other than just pulling vehicles out of the snow. They are great for setting up an anchor point that can be used in conjunction with another vehicle’s winch line when performing extractions from challenging locations such as steep hillsides or even cliffs.

Communication Radio

You shouldn't think of going off-roading without having a means to communicate with others, especially if you get stuck or lost. It's essential to be able to talk back and forth, share information about what trails are open or closed, and tell others where you are at.

We always recommend your communication radio has long range capabilities. This way, you can stay in touch with other Jeeps in the area, as well as local authorities if needed. Although inexpensive handheld units are good for short range snow wheeling, these may not work for long distance conversations––over long periods of time.

Personal Gear

Packing for a 4x4 Jeep snow wheeling trip requires more than day-of packing. There’s a method to the madness! Take a look at this personal gear list you don’t want to forget:

  • Clothing – Proper clothing is one of the most important things to bring along with you. It’s also something that many people forget to consider when packing for a trip. Your basic needs include thermal underwear and socks, waterproof boots, heavy jacket, and a good pair of gloves.
  • Survival Pack – A survival pack should always be kept in your vehicle, especially if you plan on driving through areas where inclement weather may occur unexpectedly. This kit should contain basic items like water bottles, high-protein foods, and a space blanket.
  • First Aid Kit – To avoid any injuries while out on the trails, be sure to keep a fully stocked first aid kit in your vehicle.

When it comes to snow wheeling, we’ve found the best combination is a good set of tires, recovery gear, and a trusted communication radio. With these items, you can ensure a safe trip out on the trails and minimize worries about getting stuck or needing help from others. Now, it's time to find the perfect trail!

Interested in getting to snow wheeling?  Contact us at Betten Baker. We have the perfect range of new and pre-owned Jeeps to get you well on your way.


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